Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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The making of Against Nature's "Accumulus" covers

"Accumulus" CD art

Here are some photos and an explanation of the making of the "Accumulus" CD covers.

First, with a rubber roller, I roll out black water-based ink on a piece of glass. This transfers an even coat of ink to the roller:

Next, I roll the ink onto the woodblock. This block is a design I cut a few years ago:

Then I select a piece of paper for the print. This paper I made by hand in the late 90s and early 00s. I look for pieces that have the most perfect imperfections:

I place the proper side of the paper face down onto the inked block:

Then, I use a burnisher to rub the back of the paper, transferring the ink from the block to the paper:

Gently, I peel the paper off the block:

Finally, I let the prints dry:

All that's left is to cut the paper to the proper size, mount the prints on backing paper, and sign, date, and number them.

These are a few of the finished covers in their sleeves. Each is unique:


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iron Man - "Live in Cincinnati 2000"

Iron Man

Live in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 11, 2000

Al Morris III guitar

Jared Rein drums

VIIX bass

Jadd Schickler vocals

BH 054

Recording by Michael Lindenauer, 2000.

Re-mastered by Lucifer Burns, 2008.

*Interview conducted by M. Lindenauer


1. On the Mountain

2. Leaving Town

3. Boston Strangler

4. Generation Void

5. Forever Yours

6. Harvest of Earth

7. King of Kings

8. Unjust Reform

9. Neon Knights

10. Into the Void

11. As the Gods Have Spoken

12. Interview with Al Morris*