Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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The making of Against Nature's "Accumulus" covers

"Accumulus" CD art

Here are some photos and an explanation of the making of the "Accumulus" CD covers.

First, with a rubber roller, I roll out black water-based ink on a piece of glass. This transfers an even coat of ink to the roller:

Next, I roll the ink onto the woodblock. This block is a design I cut a few years ago:

Then I select a piece of paper for the print. This paper I made by hand in the late 90s and early 00s. I look for pieces that have the most perfect imperfections:

I place the proper side of the paper face down onto the inked block:

Then, I use a burnisher to rub the back of the paper, transferring the ink from the block to the paper:

Gently, I peel the paper off the block:

Finally, I let the prints dry:

All that's left is to cut the paper to the proper size, mount the prints on backing paper, and sign, date, and number them.

These are a few of the finished covers in their sleeves. Each is unique:


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iron Man - "Live in Cincinnati 2000"

Iron Man

Live in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 11, 2000

Al Morris III guitar

Jared Rein drums

VIIX bass

Jadd Schickler vocals

BH 054

Recording by Michael Lindenauer, 2000.

Re-mastered by Lucifer Burns, 2008.

*Interview conducted by M. Lindenauer


1. On the Mountain

2. Leaving Town

3. Boston Strangler

4. Generation Void

5. Forever Yours

6. Harvest of Earth

7. King of Kings

8. Unjust Reform

9. Neon Knights

10. Into the Void

11. As the Gods Have Spoken

12. Interview with Al Morris*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tortured Spirit - Live in Emsdetten, Germany 2008

BH 053

Soundboard recording, live in Emsdetten, Germany 2008.

This is an Internet-only release.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Revelation - "Release"

Bland Hand Records has licensed Revelation's "Release" to Leaf Hound Records and Shadow Kingdom Records.

"Release" is not currently available from Bland Hand as a free download, but you can buy the disc directly from Shadow Kingdom:
Bland Hand Records will also soon have copies of the CD for sale at

John Brenner sings and plays guitar

Bert Hall, Jr. plays bass

Steve Branagan plays drums

Track List:

1. Stars Almost Drown
2. Once Summer
3. Release
4. Then and Again
5. Wither
6. Anatomy of Melancholy
7. Epiphany
8. The Provenance of Clouds

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music by and for Poets and Fascists

John Brenner

bass guitar, drum machine, keyboards, plastic

recorder, acoustic guitar

Bert Hall, Jr.

electric guitar, clarinet, soprano saxophone,

keyboards, drum machine

Special Guests:

Steve Branagan

drum machine, electric guitar

Jory Fox

cello, electric guitar

BH 011 Two Minutes' Hate

BH 012 Put on a Happy Face

BH 013 A Dog's Day

BH 014 Spin, Win, Sin

BH 019 The Jury Is In: Noodles!

BH 025 Brutish, Nasty, and Short

BH 029 Tape's Last Krapp

BH 033 Set Pounds

BH 034 Swelter


John Brenner - "Solo Works"

John Brenner: All instruments

BH 009 Best of Acoustic Sketchbook 1992-1999

BH 010 Philophobe:Phobophile

BH 032 Private Tape 1992

BH 038 Ballads of the Lava Whales 2007

BH 039 8 Pieces for Bass and Sundries


Best of Acoustic Sketchbook


Private Tape 1992

Ballads of the Lava Whales

8 Pieces for Bass and Sundries

Chowder - Demo

Josh Hart guitar, vocals, keyboards

Chad Rush drums

Joe Ruthvin bass

BH 020

"By necessity practical and by philosophy stern, these folk were not beautiful in their sins. Erring as all mortals must, they were forced by their rigid code to seek concealment above all else; so that they came to use less and less taste in what they concealed."

- Chowder

Tortured Spirit - "Broken Soul" demo

Markus Etienne drums

Michael Bolle bass

Oddy guitar, vocals

BH 043



1. The Bend

2. Human Taste

3. Broken Man

Against Nature - "Redux"

BH 023

This is an open-ended, Internet-only release.


1. R20 Overture (Dean mix 2006)

2. Blessed Realm (Dean mix 2006)

3. Lost Innocence (Dean mix 2006)

4. R20 Overture (Laney mix June-July 2007)

5. Blessed Realm (Laney mix June-July 2007)

6. Behind the Wall of Sleep/Ensurpate

7. Frustrations (Remix 2005)

8. Against Nature (Remix 2005)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Revelation - "Paleontology 1983-1992"

BH 031

Paleontology 1983-1992

These are demos and rehearsals from the earliest days of Bert and John playing music together in 1983, to John's 4-track recordings at home, through the preparations for the Never Comes Silence release in 1992. All songs are from old, deteriorating cassette tapes, so the sound is hissy and the quality mostly poor.

Revelation - "Live in Frederick 1993"

Revelation - "Live in Pittsburgh 1991"


1. Part 1

2. Part 2

Track List:

1. Infinite Nothingness

2. Unreal

3. Blessed Realm

4. Frustrations

5. Images of Darkness

6. Long After Midnight

7. Against Nature

8. Lost Innocence

9. Death Romance

10. Waiting for...the End

11. Salvation's Answer

12. Poets and Paupers

Revelation - "Live in Baltimore, MD 1988"


1. Live at the New Loft

Track List:

1. Confusion

2. Fatal Blow

3. Images of Darkness

4. Lost Innocence

5. Paradox / Gnarled Remains

6. Salvation's Answer

Revelation - "Live in Washington, DC 1987"


1. Live at the East Side

(The debut concert by Revelation.)

Track List:

1. Confusion

2. Fatal Blow

3. Gnarled Remains

4. Mind Control

5. Salvation's Answer

6. Endtime

7. Empty Existence

Oversoul - "Demo '99"

Dennis Cornelius guitar, vocals, bass

Launch Pad Patric drums

BH 035

Released on cassette in 1999.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Revelation - "Five Demos"

John Brenner sings and plays guitar and bass*

Bert Hall, Jr. plays bass**

Andy Kremer plays bass***

Steve Branagan plays drums

BH 022 5 Demos


Revelation - "Unreleased LP 1988"

John Brenner sings and plays guitar

Bert Hall, Jr. plays bass

Steve Branagan plays drums

BH 004

*Note: Originally planned for release on Doom Records in 1988.

Not released until 2008 on Leaf Hound Records, vinyl edition only.


Spectre - "Spectre" Demo

Josh Hart guitar, backing vocals

Chad Rush drums

Steve Newberger bass

Rich Newberger vocals

BH 020

Engineered by Rich Newberger and Josh Hart at Falling Sound Studios, Baltimore, Md. 1993

Mixed by Chris Kozlowski.

Produced by Josh Hart.


Iron Hearse - "Rehearsals of Doom"

Grant guitar, vocals

Liam bass

Chris drums

BH 049

Ian's Tape: A rehearsal tape from the archives of our first drummer, Ian. Recorded in 2002 on 4-track, shortly before our second demo. Raw versions of the same tracks as the demo, but slightly more punishing in places! - Grant

Reactor IV: A pre-album run-through. Raw rock n’ roll. Recorded May 2006. - Grant

Magnificent Octopus: One night Liam can’t make practice, so Chris and I go off on a mental metal journey as a duo. Some of the riffs that we pulled out of thin air for this jam were later used in the song ‘Eternal Frost’ on the debut album. Gets a bit crazy in places, threatening to fall apart, but we just about hold it together. - Grant

Iron Hearse - "Three Demos"

Grant guitars, vocals

Liam bass

Chris drums

BH 047 Three demos

Demo I: A Slow and Heavy Ride

Demo II: Iron Hearse

Demo III: Ruins of Doom



Demo I

A Slow and Heavy Ride

Demo II

Iron Hearse

Demo III

Ruins of Doom

Monday, October 20, 2008

Iron Hearse - "Peddle the Metal"

BH 045

Recorded by Stu at Studio 6, UK, November, 2004.

Argus - "Demo - Spring 2007"

BH 024




Iron Man - "Live in Frederick, MD 1992"

BH 044

Soundboard recording by Ronnie Kalimon, 1992.

Re-mastered by Lucifer Burns, 2008.


Stake Off The Witch - "Palace Court, Flat 19"

Stefania voice and guitar

Caterina bass guitar

Fabio drums

Icio guitar

BH 052


Blizaro - "Horror Rock"

John Gallo guitars, keyboards, vocals

Mike Puleo drums

BH 050


Madking Ludwig - "Seven Stairways"

BH 051

Stéphane Bellemare: Lead Vocals, Flute, Clarinet

Leïla Jolin-Dahel: Lead Vocals

Raphaël Corbeil: Drums, Vocals

Patrick Falardeau: Bass

Stéphane Vigeant: Guitar



1. Kursk

2. Division Sun

3. Speed of Ice

4. Dermatobia Hominis

5. Cease Not Desist

6. Alone with Us

7. Seven is the Number

Tortured Spirit - "The Mentally Ill"

BH 037

Special guest musicians:

*Brian "Butch" Balich

vocals on "Message from Hell"

*John Brenner

lead guitars on "Halls of the Blind,"

"Skullsun," "Message from Hell," "Archetype"

Recorded by Tortured Spirit and Jan Robert in 2007.

Mixed and Produced by John Brenner 2007.



Dwell Within - "Monkshood" Demo

BH 036

Recorded 2007.


Chowder - EP

BH 030

Recorded Summer 2007 in Baltimore, MD.

Engineered, mixed, and produced by John Brenner.


Click here for the Chowder demo.

Revelation - "...Yet So Far"

BH 018

Originally released on Hellhound Records, 1995.

Revelation - "Salvation's Answer"

BH 005

Originally released on Rise Above Records, 1991.

Revelation - "Never Comes Silence"

BH 006

Originally released on Hellhound Records, 1992.

Click here for .wav files.

Against Nature - "Appease"

BH 001

Appease was released on September 9, 2005.

The CD version is SOLD OUT.

Against Nature - "Panoply"

BH 002

Panoply was released on October 25, 2005.

This is an Internet-only release.