Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iron Hearse - "Rehearsals of Doom"

Grant guitar, vocals

Liam bass

Chris drums

BH 049

Ian's Tape: A rehearsal tape from the archives of our first drummer, Ian. Recorded in 2002 on 4-track, shortly before our second demo. Raw versions of the same tracks as the demo, but slightly more punishing in places! - Grant

Reactor IV: A pre-album run-through. Raw rock n’ roll. Recorded May 2006. - Grant

Magnificent Octopus: One night Liam can’t make practice, so Chris and I go off on a mental metal journey as a duo. Some of the riffs that we pulled out of thin air for this jam were later used in the song ‘Eternal Frost’ on the debut album. Gets a bit crazy in places, threatening to fall apart, but we just about hold it together. - Grant